01 karawane 7:00

02 sat 5:41

03 Erdmaschine 5:14

04 beautiful rain 5:05

05 momentum 6:10

06 no revolution (album version) 6:03

07 nightlife 6:00

08 mud of eden 6:24

09 the void 7:05

10 omnipresent 6:12

11 diffused 5:29

12 in the fields (album version) 6:30

Playtime: 73:04



You can download the whole album for free! To do that you only need to play the 214 browser game. A download link will be provided after you've completed the mission. Enjoy!

Bonus Tracks

No Revolution The radio edit of the track 'No Revolution' is free to download as well as the radio edit of "In The Fields".

More Music

Please subscribe to my channels on Twitter and SoundCloud for more free music, outtakes, special edits, sound experiments and alike. I'm happy to connect.

Official releases appear on Bandcamp. If you aren't into gaming, you can get '214' there.


214 - the story

In January 2014 i needed a break from working on an acoustic album (which hopefully comes next). So i started playing with some synth sounds and ideas. Suddenly i had 2 songs finished and many unfinished tracks left over. Somehow i couldn't stop and a couple of weeks later 214 was done.

It was one of the best experiences i've made as a musician to create this album. It was like landing on a strange planet and exploring it, far from home, far from Rock 'n' Pop cliches. Inspiration was strong and so i even came up with the idea of making a little browser game, instead of a 'normal' online presentation. I hope you enjoy 214.

It's hard to come up with a cool looking list of credits when you do everything alone. Every pixel you see and every sound you hear was made by me. But i like to thank Photonstorm for developing the Phaser Framework which enabled me to create the 214game in virtually no time. Thanks also go to my family and friends, as well as my social media buddies.

Markus Hoffmeister, September 2014